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Are you building an MLM Business? Is it going anywhere?

Are you still bothering friends and family?

Are you tired of the hustling and bustling with your MLM but not getting anywhere?

98% of the people who come into the MLM world don't make it. Many are working hard but never really see any real money out of it. If you are like me, I was spending more than I was making!

Many people fail at Building an MLM Business because of a variety of reasons.

1. People join the wrong company for the wrong reasons.
Maybe it's your best friend, family, or coworker. Maybe you were lured in because the person you were talking to told you it would only cost you $20 and then you could make all this other money. Maybe you were told "this is the ground level, get in while it's just starting!!"

Well, lets address these. First, you want to make sure that the person you are joining under is going to be able to teach you how to make money. You don't want to join because "Aunt Sue" has this great opportunity and you don't care about the products that are being sold. Because you are in the selling business. Most MLM companies do cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to start. Some even have a monthly autoship that needs to be purchased. If you are getting into a company for only $20, chances are that you are going to attract people who aren't really trying to build a sustainable business. Also, everyone starts at the same level. If you work hard and learn to market your products, chances are you will be successful.

2. There's no room in the plan for marketing.
Ok, so you got started for $500 and you have a $75 monthly autoship to keep up with. Your website has a monthly fee. Your coach tells you to call all your friends and family. But what happens when you've gone through your warm market? The first MLM I was involved in, my coach wanted me to buy leads that came across our "big system". They were 4 leads for $500 and you also got about 12 "call me" leads! They were considered "hot" leads because they requested an info packet. The "call me" leads just wanted you to call them and answer questions, they didn't want to pay for the info packet. Well, not only did we have to purchase the leads, but then we had to purchase the packets. If they decided they liked what was in the packet, then I was supposed to talk with them 3-4 times from scripts, while I tried to talk them into joining at the highest level. We purchased leads 2 times and only got one person who wanted to become a distributor at the lowest level. He didn't continue because my upline kept wanting him to join higher and buy leads. He told her he didn't have the money.

Just like us, we needed to know how to market our products. But she gained her success from buying leads. So, she didn't know how to show us "marketing the products". We didn't have any luck with the "c all me" leads. I got extremely discourage. I made a whopping $40 off my distributor joining. And since he didn't do anything in the business, I didn't make anything else off him. This leads me into the next reason several people never build an MLM business.

3. Most people don't have recruiting and marketing skills.
We were given a script and told "the more you call and practice the script the better you'll get". But we are finding out more and more, that the vast majority of people buy from people they know, like, and trust. They don't join you because you have the "greatest and latest" products on the market. They want someone who is authentic. I didn't know how to recruit people and I definitely didn't know how to market to people. After the second time of buying leads and having no luck, I put MLM on the back burner for several months. I was coming up on my year anniversary and decided I would give it one last go. I made a deal with myself that if I didn't have any luck with it in the two months, I would just let it go. It was then that I found a woman who introduced me to a system. With the new marketing strategies that I was learning along with her to call anytime I had problems, I started to generate leads, selling products, and adding distributors. Also, the community involved with this system was extremely helpful as well!

4. No Cash Flow
By this time though, we were out of any extra money to spend on a bunch of tools and extras. We have 5 children ranging from age 2-18. I definitely didn't have any money to buy leads or do any paid ads. It's said that the average American with an extra $300 can help get them out of debt, avoid foreclosure or lose their home. But if they have to pay for an autoship, company tools, company websites, etc. then they are going from needing $300 to $500. This system helped me get into cash flow within the first 30 days. If you can show your distributors how to get into cashflow in the first 30 days and then build on that in 60 days and 90 days, they will stay loyal to you. Introducing them to funded proposals, affiliate programs, allows them to have something to get paid with even when someone doesn't join their primary MLM.

5. You have a high attrition rate.
If you have distributors, you definitely want to keep them. That's how you build an MLM business. However, if you can't keep your distributors because they aren't making any money and spending money, your business will suffer. Attrition rate is how many people leave. For example, if you have an attrition rate of 80% per year. Than by then end of the year only 20% of your people will still be with you. You want more people staying so you can create momentum. That is where more people are joining than leaving. You will always have attrition but you want to get it low. That's why you show them other ways to make money in their first 30 days.

6. Lack of Leads
After you've gone through your warm market, you have to be able to attract people to your business in the cold market. You want to Expose your business opportunity to as many people as possible. Direct them to a presentation using a system like MLSP and then enroll them. You can learn how to generate leads to expose 100 people (or more) to your opportunity or sell a funded proposal.

7. Most people have a very bad system or no system at all to market.
This is where systems like MLSP can help you, help others. This shows people several marketing strategies that they can use to market their opportunity, while making money in their first 30 days. If a prospect isn't interested in your MLM, you can still show them how to market their MLM with funded proposals. This allows people to get into cash flow quickly.

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