Expert Author Desiree Leigh Thompson

Spiritually aware people are not free from negative or difficult times. They cannot dodge hard times or be safely tucked away so nothing will affect them. Every living being will be affected by death, illness (of sort), devastation, mother nature, economic downturn, and so on.

What is most important is how you handle these so-called negative trends; how you move from negative trends to positive ones. It is not whether or not you can eliminate them. Living in the flow of life is about how you move through and beyond these difficult times. We all have difficult times. No one is free from them. Living in the flow is moving through life with elegance, ease, and grace rather than negative reaction.

You take a huge boulder, for instance, that is sitting solidly on the stream bed. The water rises and falls. The water rushes rapidly and slowly. External objects flow by hitting the boulder. The sun may be burning its rays upon the boulder. And, no where will you see the boulder distressed. It's solidly grounded embracing all the stresses around it.

And, don't you agree that maybe with some distress and difficult times that you grow stronger? No one gains strength by taking a vacation. Look at a beautiful evergreen tree. The one's that have lasted the longest are strengthened by the experience of gale force winds, and other harsh weather. When you look at any bird in your back yard, the parks, or in the city, every time the nest get knocked down or the eggs get eaten, the birds keep re-building and re-creating; and, they keep on singing.

What's most important when you are going through difficult times is to check in with yourself. To be vigilantly aware of what's going on inside of you rather than getting caught up in the external aspects of the problem. When you're intuitively guided, you will make better choices. This does not mean you will bypass the difficult times. You will, however, have more insight on how to work through the issues.



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